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For over three decades, Five Elements International has been a prominent name in the knitwear garment industry. Our expertise in converting ‘fibre to fashion’ guides us in creating value through the design.

We produce Knitwear garment for the foremost retailers in international markets. 

Pioneering in the apparel industry today, the knitwear garment made by Five Elements International reach all over Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil etc.

We at Five Elements International also use our expertise to ensure the feasibility of a high-quality products.

As one of the most prominent apparel manufacturers in India and around the globe, at Five Elements International, we believe that the possibilities are endless and it is this philosophy that has helped drive us to sustainability in fashion.

 Five Elements International is powering high-fashion brands across the world, while delivering unmatched excellence across the garment industry.

Image by Kyle Glenn
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